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Life in Halls: COVID 19 Guidance

By sophiebk 21 Sep 2020

Due to COVID 19 a number of additional safety measures have been implemented in the halls, these include: 

  • Social distancing measures, one way systems and signage throughout the halls 
  • Hand sanitiser available at key points throughout the Hall and perspex screens at Reception desks
  • Lifts limited to one person/household at a time
  • Face coverings to be worn by staff and students in communal areas (whenever you step outside of your flat). 

When you move into your new flat you will be forming a new household with the other students in your flat. As a household, you can socialise together without social distancing measures, and will all share access to your flat kitchen/common room area. 

If you will be moving into a studio flat

If your flat is located next door to a cluster of flats, you will be given card access to their shared spaces which will make you a member of their household; this allows you to socialise with this flat without social distancing guidelines in place. If you live in a studio flat on the same corridor as other studios, you will all be classed as one household and can socialise without social distancing guidelines in place within your flats. If you would prefer to not be grouped into a household with another flat/group of studios, then you will need to contact your Halls Manager about this. You can find their contact details here

Socialising with other households/flats 

  • You are not permitted to socialise with anyone outside of your household (or social bubble) indoors or in private gardens. 

  • No guests will be permitted in Halls so you will not be able to have other people visit you in your flat (whether external to your Hall or a member of another flat). This includes daytime and overnight guests. When socialising in your flat this should be limited to members of your flat only.

  • Away from Halls, current restriction in Liverpool mean you cannot mix with other households in indoor venues or private gardens, as well as most outdoor hospitality venues and ticketed events. You can meet with others in outdoor public spaces, but the Rule of Six applies and you must observe social distancing rules. For the most up to date information on the restrictions in place for Liverpool, please see the guidance from Liverpool City Council here.

  • Please be aware there is a noise curfew of 11pm in Halls. After this time noise should be kept to a minimum and should not be heard outside the room you are in to avoid disturbing others. 
  • In line with the above, large gatherings and parties are not permitted, and this includes outdoor spaces at Halls. It is important to be aware that the University may take disciplinary action or the police and other enforcement officers may issue penalty notices if this is not followed.

What to do if you have a concern 

This household guidance involves a new way of living in Halls, and we want to support you to live together as a community. If someone in your household is not following the rules, in the first instance please try and raise this with them directly. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact your Residential Adviser for support. If a problem persists, your RA will be able to escalate this to your Hall Warden for disciplinary action. It is important to be aware that the University may take disciplinary action or the police and other enforcement officers may issue penalty notices if this is not followed.

It is also likely that people will be spending more time physically in Halls, so it is important to make sure any socialising you do as a household in your flat does not disrupt others. After 11pm you need to make sure noise is kept to a minimum, and noise should not be heard outside of your own room/flat. Any noise concerns in the evening/overnight should be reported to the duty RA, and any concerns in the day to your Hall Reception Team.  

Laundry facilities  

There will be a maximum of 4 students in the laundry room at any one time, you should leave the room during your laundry cycles and come back to collect your items once finished. Your washing should be prepared in your bedroom; do not shake your clothing in the laundry area. The circuit app can be downloaded to check the availability of machines before you head to the laundrette. 

Please ensure that you use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the laundry area. There will be wipes available to wipe down machines before/after use. 

Collecting post 

When collecting any post and parcels from the reception area, you should wear a face covering at all times. We also ask that you come alone rather than with others when collecting parcels. 

Ideally, to help minimise the volume of deliveries to Halls, we would ask that you look to limit items you have delivered to Halls to essentials only. Where possible, for non-essential deliveries we ask that you look to use alternative delivery options such as Amazon lockers. 

Updated guidance 

Please be aware that all Covid-19 information is subject to change and will be reviewed throughout the year. Keep an eye on your emails and Halls Life to stay up to date with changes, including changes to household guidance.