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Guidance for Quarantine in Halls

By sophiebk 10 Sep 2020

If you are travelling from a Country on the Quarantine list, you must self-isolate for 14 days even if you receive a negative COVID Test. Please see below further information about the support that will be available to you in Halls.

If you are an International Student who does not need to quarantine please click here. 

Information for Quarantining Students:

Getting to Halls

We recommend all International Arrivals book their travel through the University's Meet and Greet service and they will inform us of your arrival day and time. If you do not wish to book through the Meet and Greet service please email your Hall Reception with your flight details. You can find the reception contact details here. You must also read current Government Guidance on travel to the UK here Coronavirus (COVID-19):    how to self-isolate when you travel to the UK before you travel.

Room Numbers

For students going in to quarantine you will be given your room number when you arrive at the Hall. 

Bedding and kitchen packs:

You will be provided with both a kitchen and bedding pack on arrival so you don’t need to worry about ordering these things in advance to be sent to Halls. These are chargeable items and the cost will be added to your accommodation account. This cost will be a maximum of £45.

Your bedding pack will include: duvet and pillow, duvet cover, pillow slip, bed sheet, bath towel, tea towel.

Your kitchen will be fully equipped with items to allow you to cook for yourself, including pans, chopping board, kitchen knives and cooking utensils. You will also receive an individual kitchen pack with your own crockery and cutlery.

Movement around the Hall and access to other facilities:

During your period of quarantine you must stay in your flat. These means you will not be able to access the Hall laundrette, or visit the Hall Reception or other communal areas. You should only leave your flat for an essential reason/emergency, and if you need to do so, you will need to wear a face covering upon leaving your flat and moving through other areas of the Hall. The only exception here is in relation to smoking, where this is essential (please see below).

Washing clothes:

As you will be unable to access the Hall laundrette until your period of quarantine is over, please consider this when packing clothes to bring with you. The Halls team will provide you with a small amount of laundry liquid that can be used to hand-wash some items in your flat if needed, but you should plan to have clothes to cover you for the full period of your quarantine.

Deliveries and mail:

You will not be able to visit the Hall Reception to collect mail or deliveries during your period quarantine. During this time we ask that you limit all deliveries to essential items only such as food or medicines. The Hall team will then arrange to get essential food deliveries to you in your flat.

Reporting maintenance issues:

If you need to report a maintenance issue with your room or flat, please contact your Hall Reception. They will then advise of the process to be followed to allow staff to attend your flat to complete essential maintenance work.


Smoking is NOT permitted while you are in quarantine. Smoking in your room/flat or tampering with any smoke detection units will result in disciplinary action.

Food provision:

During your period of quarantine you can choose to order your own food to be delivered to the Hall, or you can choose to have food provided by the Halls (this is a chargeable service). If you choose to order your own food yourself, the earlier communication from the International Advice and Guidance Team has lots of helpful information about how to do this. If you would like to use the food service provided by the Halls, there will be the option to have a daily delivery to your flat of a package containing your breakfast, lunch and evening meal. You will receive an email asking you to complete a survey to let us know of your preferences. 


The kitchen in your flat will be cleaned once a week by our team of domestic staff. During your quarantine period this cleaning service will involve the cleaning of touch-points around your kitchen as well as kitchen surfaces. Cleaners will not tidy or do any washing up, so you must ensure the kitchen is tidy, kitchen surfaces are clear, and washing up has been put away in cupboards in order for this cleaning to take place.

You will be notified of the day and time you can expect your kitchen to be cleaned and during this time you should not enter the kitchen area.

Whilst a cleaning service is provided, please remember that good hygiene practices are essential during the pandemic, and this extends to use of your communal kitchen, which is a shared space for your flat. Please follow practices for thorough handwashing before and after using the kitchen/cooking/eating, use your own kitchen pack items, and clean surfaces/wash items up directly after each meal.

Wellbeing support:

In Halls we have a team of Residential Advisers who are there, along with the Hall Warden, to provide you with support during your time in Halls. Our team of Residential Advisers are able to provide advice and guidance, and signpost you to relevant University services. They also operate an overnight duty rota to provide emergency support out of hours.

During your quarantine period, a member of the RA team will arrange to have regular weekly contact with you to see how you are doing and help answer any questions you have. This will normally be in the form of an invitation to attend a group ‘check-in chat’ with other students who are quarantining from your flat/neighbouring flats. Please expect a member of the RA team to contact you directly then, via email, to explain when thus meeting will take place and how to join. This will normally be done either via an online video call via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, and it is mandatory to attend, so please be aware that your RA will follow up with you if you miss the call.


During your period of quarantine, you must not have any visitors into your flat. Following your period of quarantine there will be guidance in place for how you can have visitors in Halls, and further information will be provided about this as part of your Halls induction (see below). Please note that overnight visitors are not permitted at present.

Developing symptoms of COVID-19 and/or being asked to self-isolate:

If students have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus: 

  • You should get a test to check if they have coronavirus as soon as possible.  Testing can be done by accessing the Universities testing system. 
  • For any student who has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, they should self-isolate for 14 days and get tested if they develop symptoms
  • You should stay at home and not have any visitors until you receive your test results and should only leave home to have the test.
  • Anyone in your household, including your support bubble, must also stay at home until the test results are confirmed.
  • You must inform your School Office and Hall Reception using the subject line 'self-isolation'.
  • Cleaning will not be provided if you enter a period of self-isolation as a result of developing symptoms of COVID-19, or being asked to self-isolate after being in contact with someone displaying symptoms/who has tested positive. In this instance the Halls team will provide you with a cleaning pack and advice on appropriate cleaning of your kitchen during this time.

Further guidance for living in Halls once you finish quarantine:

During the early part of September you will be sent a link to complete your online induction to the Halls, called ‘Introduction to the University of Liverpool’. It is very important that you complete this induction as it will provide you with all the relevant information for living in Halls this year, both in terms of the rules and guidance that will be in place to keep you safe, how you will work as a ‘household’ with your flatmates, as well as information on social opportunities and support services.

Click here for guidance on how to register with a Doctor in Liverpool.