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Good Neighbour Policy

By sophiebk 27 May 2020

The University and the Residences support the principle of being a good neighbour and of residents, visitors and guests at the Residences being bound by this principle and behaving responsibly at all times.

The Residences operate within a wider community framework, including home owners, shopkeepers, and service providers such as the City Council, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services. Students use the services and facilities within the community and should do so with respect.

Examples of the behaviour expected include:

  • Taking rubbish home or using waste bins provided, and not littering the streets
  • Respecting the property of others, particularly fences, walls, street furniture and parked cars
  • When returning home late at night or in the early hours of the morning being aware that noise travels and is capable of disturbing others
  • Taking account of the effect alcohol can have on your behaviour and the way others may view it and moderating consumption accordingly
  • Being aware of others’ sensibilities and beliefs and recognising that some jokes or displays may be provocative and offensive to others
  • Playing music at a reasonable volume and not imposing individual choices on others
  • Treating staff at the Residences with respect at all times.

The above listing is by no means exhaustive and is intended to raise awareness and give a general insight into the qualities required of a good neighbour.

Any person engaging in anti-social behaviour can expect the Residences to take appropriate action and if necessary seek redress through the Residence Agreement. You can read more about the disciplinary procedures for university residences here. Depending on the circumstances, University disciplinary procedures may be invoked. Information on the wider University Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline here. Where behaviour extends beyond nuisance into criminality it will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Police.

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