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Settling in to life in Halls

By sophiebk 30 Jul 2019

After the holidays it can take a while to settle back in to your life at University, and that's totally understandable - particularly if you are missing home and all of its routine and comforts.

To try and help, we've put together some suggestions of things you can do for yourself to help relieve any homesickness and loneliness you are feeling:

  • Start new traditions and create a routine - this may just be having a flat meal once a week, or making sure you get out to a particular exercise class, but having purpose can help give you something to focus on.
  • Get out and about - whether you just choose a different route home from lectures, or break from your usual day to explore somewhere new, little things can make a big difference to your perspective. Getting out of the flat and having a change of scene and talking to people, even just chit chat in passing, will improve your mood and confidence.
  • Don't - rely on the internet for your interactions. Put the phone down. You could be sat in your room with nothing to do, whilst on Instagram and Facebook people you know are posting pictures of them and their friends having (what looks like) the time of their life. Stop. Try not to compare yourself to them because that will lead you down a negative path, your priority should be improving how you feel. 
  • Do - use the internet for good. If you're missing people at home then reach out to them online. FaceTime and Skype are great for real time one-on-one interactions and this can help you feel less anxious and alone. It may also make it easier to talk to those you know about how you're feeling, and they may have some helpful advice you haven't yet thought of.
  • It's important to stay healthy because a greasy takeaway will make you feel physically worse as well as emotionally. Cooking will distract your mind for a while and there will be tasty results! Likewise, joining a gym or  a team provides plenty of opportunity to meet new people.
  • Make sure you attend all your academic commitments - skipping lectures and seminars won't help. Sometimes you won't feel up to it but it helps you to communicate with your fellow students about your everyday life and you could even start speaking about how you're feeling if you trust them; it would help!
  • Take some time to think about how you're feeling and why. Student Minds have created this great guide to Transitioning into University Life that you may find you relate to and can take some tips from.
  • Talk to someone! The university offers plenty of support for students living in Halls and so does the wider university. If you want to look elsewhere you can click here to find what support is available in your local area.

There is no quick fix for feeling homesick, but we can help prevent it from getting worse by spotting it and accepting it sooner rather than later. Reach out to some of the support channels mentioned in this article for any help you need.