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Derby, Rathbone and DOC Residential Advisers

By sophiebk 02 Oct 2020

If you are living in Derby, Rathbone or Derby Old Court, your Residential Adviser has made a video to welcome you to Greenbank!

Click the YouTube link below to meet your RA

Alex Bird:           

RA for floors: M, NG.1/N1.1/P1.1/ Q1.1/Q1.2/Q2.1/Q2.2/ Q3.1/Q3.2

Konstantina Zygouri: 

RA for Blocks C, D, E, FG

Katie Winstone: 

RA for floors: QLG.1/QM.1/ Q1.3/Q2.3 /Q3.3/Q4.1/Q4.2/TG.2/ T1.1/ T3.1 /T4.1

Kat Saranovic:   

RA for floors: R1.1/R1.2//R1.3/R1.4/R2.1/R2.2/R2.3/R2.4/R3.1/R3.2/ R3.3 /R3.4 R4.1/R4.2 /R4.4/R4.5

Heather McCall: 

RA for floors: SG.1/S1.1/S1.2/S1.3/S1.4/S2.1/S2.2/S2.3/S2.4

James Roscoe:    

RA for floors: A-B and S3.1/S3.2/S3.3/S3.4/S4.1/S4.2/S4.3/S4.4/S4.5/S4.6

Dan Flanagan: 

RA for floors: TLG.1/TM.1/TG.1/ /TG.3/ /T1.2/ T2.1/T2.2 /T3.2/T4.2

Matthew Le Hunte:          

RA for floors: UG.1/UG.2/UG.3/UG.4/UG.5/U1.1/U1.2/U1.3/

Yuki Loo: 

RA for floors: U2.1/U2.2/U2.3/U2.4/U2.5/U3.1/U3.2/U3.3/

Zoey Fiaxe:                  

RA for floors: U1.4/U1.5 / U3.4/U3.5 /U4.1/U4.2/U4.3/U4.4/U4.5

Josephine Gaza: 

RA for cores: H, J, K, and L

Click here to learn more about the RA role