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Cleaning in Halls: COVID 19 Guidance

By sophiebk 21 Sep 2020

We always expect students to take good care of their flat when living in University accommodation, but with COVID 19 we want to make sure everyone takes responsibility for making your home a safe and comfortable place to be.

All students are responsible for cleaning their own bedroom, which includes your ensuite bathroom if your room has one. If you are moving into a studio flat, your room will also include your own kitchen facilities, which you will also be responsible for cleaning. 

For those of you moving into a flat with a shared kitchen area, there will be cleaners who will visit your flat to provide a regular clean, however it is important that you understand what you are responsible for and what is/isn't provided as part of the cleaning service. 

Cleaning staff: 

  • Will clean touchpoints, floors and wipe down sides. 
  • Will NOT tidy or do any washing up 

You will need to: 

  • Ensure your kitchen is tidy and all items have been washed up and put away in cupboards in order for cleaning to take place 

As part of additional measures around COVID-19, we ask that you are not present in your kitchen when cleaning staff are attending your flat. After you arrive you will be notified of the day/times you can expect your kitchen to be cleaned, and during these times you should not enter the kitchen area. 

Cleaning will not be provided if you enter a period of self-isolation as a result of developing symptoms of COVID-19 or being asked to self-isolate after being in contact with someone displaying symptoms/who has tested positive. In this instance, the Halls team will provide you with a cleaning pack and advice on appropriate cleaning of your kitchen during this time. You can read more about what to do if you think you have COVID 19 here.

Whilst a cleaning service is provided, please remember that good hygiene practices are essential during the pandemic, and this extends to the use of your communal kitchen, which is a shared space for your flat. Please follow practices for thorough handwashing before and after using the kitchen/cooking/eating, use your own kitchen items, clean surfaces and areas you have touched before and after preparing food, and ensure you wash up and put away items directly after each meal. 

Laundry facilities  

There will be a maximum of 4 students in the laundry room at any one time, you should leave the room during your laundry cycles and come back to collect your items once finished. Your washing should be prepared in your bedroom; do not shake your clothing in the laundry area. The circuit app can be downloaded to check the availability of machines before you head to the laundrette. 

Please ensure that you use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the laundry area. There will be wipes available to wipe down machines before/after use. 

Collecting post 

When collecting any post and parcels from the reception area, you should wear a face covering at all times. We also ask that you come alone rather than with others when collecting parcels. 

Ideally, to help minimise the volume of deliveries to Halls, we would ask that you look to limit items you have delivered to Halls to essentials only. Where possible, for non-essential deliveries we ask that you look to use alternative delivery options such as Amazon lockers. 

Updated guidance 

Please be aware that all Covid-19 information is subject to change and will be reviewed throughout the year. Keep an eye on your emails and Halls Life to stay up to date with changes, including changes to household guidance. 

Please click here for more information about living in halls during COVID 19.