Jump into January!

By FreshSocial 03 Jan 2017

With festive jumpers back in the wardrobe, Christmas vouchers lost to the sales, and the last of the mince pies well and truly gobbled up...

Yes, the Christmas holidays are out of the way for another year! But, if you’re feeling a little delicate after the December indulgences, then get set to tackle January head on!

Here are our top five 5 for embracing the new year and banishing those back to uni blues:

  1. Have an early spring clean
    You may have headed home for the holidays and arrived back to a bit of a mess (blame the festive fairies)! So, before you do anything else, spend a bit of time getting your room into gear!

    As the old saying goes “Tidy home, tidy mind”. So, go through your wardrobe and donate what you don't wear to charity (speak to your Accommodation Manager about local causes), bin any food that’s gone off, and get some new toiletries in your bathroom as a treat.

  2. Join in with Dry January!
    December is a month of excess for many (party after party can be hard to turn down). So, what better way to get a FRESH start this month than by taking part in Alcohol Concern’s Dry January?

    It’s not too late to sign up to raise money and who knows, you may enjoy it so much to make a longer lifestyle change - it'll help you do less damage to your loan if nothing else!!

    Get in touch with your Fresh Student Living location to find out about Dry January Social Events.

  3. Hit the recipe books
    So, now you’ve got a tidy kitchen and are saving a bit of cash, take a trip to your local supermarket and pick up some ingredients for some warming healthy winter grub.

    Soups and stews are tasty, nutritious and by using cheaper cuts of meat they can be great value too. You can pick up a blender for under a tenner to make hearty soups and smoothies - check out studentrecipes for inspiration.

  4. Get Moving!
    If you're lucky enough to be at a Fresh location with its own
    fantastic sports and leisure facilities, what are you waiting for? Get stuck in now!

    But even if where you live doesn’t have its own gym, social spaces are great for an impromptu yoga or aerobics session, and there’s always the local neighbourhood to explore with a brisk walk or jog. 

  5. Focus Your Mind
    We can’t talk about January without mentioning exams - sorry! Many of you will be in the midst of revision no doubt, but hopefully, by embracing the above tips you’ll be in the right place to make the most of your study time and focus on your books.

    So, stick on a revision playlist, kick back in your tidy room, with your non-hungover head and sip on a tasty smoothie whilst feeling hugely smug that you’ve made a cracking start to 2017!

We might've all been feeling a little doom and gloom towards the end of 2016, but now's the time to pick ourselves back up and get ready to conquer the new year - starting today!

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