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Felicity's top 5 fitness apps to kickstart your Summer

By FelicityBlogger 16 Apr 2019

As the days are getting warmer we want to go outside more often and be active. But sometimes you get puffed really quickly or just feel worn out?

No need to worry! These 5 simple food and fitness apps will help you stay healthy...

  1.  MyfitnessPal
    MyFitnessPal is my favourite calorie counting app. Its database is huge, it contains over six million foods, allowing you to look up the exact item you’ve eaten. It’s also quick and easy to use and remembers your favourite foods, so the calories of every meal are counted within less than five minutes.

  2. Plan to Eat
    Plan to Eat is the perfect app to stay on top of your health goals. It lets you organise your meals and create a meal plan, with different kinds of recipes, which you can enter manually or by using the URL. It provides lots of nutritional information for each recipe and automatically creates a shopping list. The meal plans are shown in a weekly calendar-style planner, enabling you to get an overview of your diet. There's also the special feature of sharing your recipes with family and friends.

  3. Google Fit
    This app tracks all your daily activities, such as walking, running or cycling. It analyses your activities and provides you with graphs for each exercise. Another special feature is that Google Fit can pair up with many other apps and is compatible with several fitness watches, allowing you to access data from other apps as well. On top of that, it offers nutrition advice, whether it's for weight loss or weight gain.

  4. Seven
    The Seven app offers different seven-minute workouts. These workouts are intense interval workouts, which are good for your heart and general fitness. Each workout contains 12 exercises, such as jumping jacks or crunches, which you do for 30 seconds, with a 10-second break in-between.

  5. Fitbit Coach
    This app is so easy to use as it offers guided video and audio workouts, which you can do either outside, in the gym or at home. It can give you personalised recommendations based on your analysed fitness data if you use the Fitbit app or have a Fitbit watch.

The best thing is: all these apps are free to use and available for Android and iOS. So I hope you'll have fun trying them out! 

FelicityBlogger is from Germany and and loves cooking and baking.
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