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Handy revision hacks for the holidays

By FreshSocial 14 Dec 2018

Let's face it, no one is in the mood to revise over the Christmas break.

We get that it isn't the most exciting thing to do between watching your fave festive film and eating your Christmas dinner, but it isn't that bad, especially if you set aside some time and do it properly. 

These hacks will help you revise in the best possible way:

1. Make your notes visual

Trying to remember something in black and white can be difficult (and boring) so add some colour. Highlight key information or draw pictures - anything that can make revision a bit more interesting. Just remember to stick to the key points...

2. Take regular breaks

But in moderation! You don't want that five minute rest to 'accidentally' turn into an hour. Try the Pomodoro revision technique; revise for 25 minutes, then take a  five minute break. After four work periods, you can have a 20 minute break and eat all the mince pies you want!

3. Block out any distractions

The last thing you need is your WhatsApp group chat getting bombarded with notifications. Turn your phone off or set it to do not disturb so that you aren't constantly checking it. You could even try putting it in a different room while you're working if that helps.

4. Reward yourself

You deserve a little reward every now and then, especially if you've studied for countless hours. Suggest a family games night or meet up with your mates somewhere - you've earned it. Or, you could just treat yourself a few mince pies!

5. Say it out loud

Research has proven that saying things out loud can boost your memory recall by 100% - that's a stat not to be argued with. Just bear in mind where you are, you don't want to annoy people around you, especially around the dinner table or when everyone is sat down watching the EastEnders Christmas special. 

6. Get some fresh air

Exercise has a very positive impact on your brain power so remember to give yourself a break if you get a bit stuck and go for a short walk. A change of scenery will keep you focused and prepare you for some more revision when you return. 

7. Use post-its or index cards

Write down some key information on a post-it/index card that you are struggling with and stick it on your wall. You'll see these every day so soon remember the information without even realising. You can ask your friends and family to test you too. 

8. Rest!

You don't want to be cramming in revision at 1am while everyone else is out celebrating Christmas or New Year's Eve - know when to put the books down and take some time out. A lack of sleep can ruin your memory so always aim for your recommended eight hours a night.

Bonus tip: Something that you might want to try when you get back to uni is recording your lectures. If you're not quick enough making notes on what your lecturers are saying, you can download recording apps so that you can listen to it back later on. 

It's important that you get some revision done for your January exams, but even more important that you have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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