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Living in Private Accommodation for 2nd+3rd year

By FLcs 19 Jan 2021

Hello, 2nd and 3rd-year students of Coventry University!

We hope you have enjoyed living in your current student accommodation. We are aware that the Covid-19 has taken away some parts of the full university experience but we hope you still had the chance to meet new people, explore campus and live in the world of independence.

But do you want to upscale your living? Cook your own food? Live with your choice of friends? Pick which bedroom you want? And pay LESS for rent? Think about living in private accommodation.

Why should you move to private accommodation?

Entering University, you have to become aware of budgeting. Living in student accommodation is fun but also pricey. You have to cover everything… whereas if you move in with friends into a private property to rent you are splitting the bills evenly, spending less and living with the company you have chosen.

Another helpful pro for choosing to live in private accommodation means choosing the distance you are away from campus. If you’re like me, I guess you aren’t an early bird either – but there's private accommodation literally a 5-minute walk from campus. One of the best pros of living in private accommodation is the freedom; you can have guests, go out to a pub late at night, and not be embarrassed by returning and worried about getting home safely as private accommodation is student-friendly and are located in the safer parts of Coventry that are also close to other students.

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Bills included/excluded?

Collectively as a house, you can decide if you would like bills included or excluded.

Bills included means your rent will be higher than bills excluded as you are paying for electricity, gas and water (in some cases WIFI too). Bills included normally starts at £120 a week.

Bills excluded means the house doesn’t provide electricity, gas, water and WIFI. This means you have to contact the services you want to get electricity, gas, water and WIFI. There has been a lot of students you have found great deals for broadband and the other supplies. Bills excluded can normally start from £90 a week.

Where to look for accommodation?

When looking for private accommodation, there are many landlords and student renting websites that give you the best rated and student-friendly private housings. However, a huge tip is to go to someone you trust. Futurelets welcomed you into your first accommodation living lifestyle, they would be happy to welcome you into your first private accommodation too. Futurelets exclusively with Coventry University students and only let good quality private rented student accommodation, which is located within close proximity to the Coventry University campus.

For more information:

Other companies that have also helped our students find housing is Lettuce Lettings Coventry and Fresh Student Living

Location- where is best for students to live?

It’s best for students to live within CV1 and CV2. Everything you need is where you started. The campus is near, The Hub is the centre of all accommodations and the city centre provides everything you need from food shopping, luxury shopping and banks.

Futurelets have private housing that are safe and suitable for students.

For more information:
If you need more information or have any questions please don’t hesitate,

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