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8 jobs PERFECT for summer!

By FreshSocial 05 Jun 2018

While it's tempting to spend your summer with your feet up or partying non-stop, you could do something a lot more useful...

Have you started thinking about earning some money over summer? Before you dismiss the idea, working over summer doesn't have to be dull and uninspiring.

There are some jobs that are PERFECT for students:

  1. Summer camp
    If you want to spend most your summer getting paid to be a big kid and run games for other kids - this is for you! A summer camp looks great on your CV, pays good money and if you go abroad you'll come home with a cracking tan everyone will be jealous of.
  2. Internship
    Whilst away from university, why not get yourself an internship? They're pretty flexible and you can get one for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. Warning: most are unpaid but will help you gain new skills and give you that all-important experience.

  3. Working abroad
    If you want to get paid to spend the new few months in a hot country - listen up! You've got loads of options including a holiday rep, bar work, DJing and children's entertainer. You'll meet other students doing the same as you too, so it's a great way to make some mates.
  4. Waiter/waitress
    No money? This is one of the best jobs for that. Your wage might not be amazing but if you offer service with a smile you'll make more than enough in tips. Then you have no excuse for going out with your mates on your days off, right? 

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  5. Volunteer at a festival
    Don't worry if you aren't going to a festival this year because if you work at one you get to watch the artists for free. Yeah, you might have to adopt a hi-vis and a litter picker or work in a burger van but it's definitely worth it to have the chance to go to some of the biggest festivals this summer.
  6. Charity work
    If you have a charity or good cause close to your hear then volunteer there this summer. Help those that need it and sit back to watch the good karma roll in. You'll go home with a great sense of pride every day and having 'good samaritan' on your CV will look pretty good too! 

  7. Bar work
    If you're more of a night owl then get a job behind a bar. Socialising around a bar will seem like second nature by now so it won't even feel like work, right? Once you've had a job behind a bar, you can easily get a job in your university town next term.
  8. Retail
    Shops are busier in summer so you're more likely to get a job because they need you. Wages can be quite good too. Well, good enough to fund your days/nights out and get through summer. You might even get staff discount so choose wisely!

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Whatever you do, don't waste your summer. Get some experience that will benefit you later...


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