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7 things that homesick students understand

By FreshSocial 15 Oct 2018

Are you starting to miss home?

Even if you're loving life at university, it's normal to feel homesick from time to time.

Try to stay positive and find ways to cope that are best for you. Everyone is different, but vlogger Amy explains how she coped with homesickness at university and her advice might help you.

Homesickness is different for everyone but how many of these can you relate to?

1. A phone call from a family member or girlfriend/boyfriend cheers you right up

When you're having a hard day and just want to jump on the next train home, having your loved ones only on the other side of your phone really helps - whether it's a phone call, video call or just a text message. 


2. Following Mum's spaghetti bolognese recipe makes your day

This is the easiest way to remind you that home isn't that far away after all. Whenever you cook it, it's the perfect opportunity to send her a picture and start a conversation when you're missing her. Knowing you've made your mum proud is an amazing feeling too!


3. Having home comforts in your room really help

You might not have thought that having old pictures of you and your mates or family would have helped but they're one of the most important things in your room now! On those down days, having those pictures, your dressing gown from home, and your favourite teddy help to put that all-important smile on your face.


4. You always look forward to friends and family visiting

The date has been in the calendar for weeks and you've got tonnes of exciting activities planned to show them around your new hometown. It makes all of those rubbish, lonely days worth it when you have your loved ones to share this university journey with! 


5. Watching films or TV with people at home helps

Yes, you're not 'with' them but starting shows or films at the same time and having a running commentary (via phone or text) throughout feels like you're sat right next to them. You could watch the latest Netflix show, an episode of The Apprentice or your favourite childhood film. 


6. You'd prefer to stay in your room than go out

Homesickness is one of the worst feelings at university and sometimes, it feels easier to shut yourself away BUT this won't help. Even if it just means heading to the kitchen to speak to your flatmates, try it because isolating yourself only makes your lonely and sad feelings worse. 


7. You're embarrassed to talk about it

Everyone promised you that your time at university would be your happiest, so you might feel like you can't tell people that you're struggling but that isn't true. Homesickness is a natural feeling and we encourage you to talk about how you're feeling. Your new friends could help, support services at uni and staff at Fresh too.


If you haven't tried any of these yet, give it a go and see if your feelings change. If not, that's when you should seek some support. 

The most important things are to remain positive and realise that you're not alone in all of this.

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