13 stages all students go through during exams

By FreshSocial 03 Jan 2017

Whether you choose to accept it or not, January is always going to be a busy time at uni.

And, if you've already started working towards those deadlines, maybe you recognise a few of these already?

Here are 13 emotional stages you might go through over the next few weeks!

  1. Denial. Telling yourself, "I have SO much time to start, I'll be fine" is guaranteed to be regretted in a couple of weeks.
  2. Acceptance. That realisation that it's time you joined the rest of the university in the library.
  3. Determination. You've made it out of your pj's and are sitting upright at a desk - you can do this!
  4. Procrastination. But not before making the most detailed and brightly coloured revision timetable ever...
  5. Stress. You get down to it and suddenly feel overwhelmed at how much work you have to cram into approximately 2 weeks.
  6. Focus. You calm yourself down and get wired in, and are now spending from dawn till dusk (hopefully that way around) slogging.
  7. Teariness. (AKA Stress stage x10) The point when you find a topic you don't know and convince yourself all is doomed. 
  8. Regret. That twinge of guilt you feel when you reminisce on all those nights partying when you should have been revising...
  9. Calm. When you find a friend who's there to answer all of your revision prayers.
  10. Boredom. 2 weeks of revision and not one exam. WHEN WILL THIS END?!
  11. Anger. People around are finishing left, right and centre. Calm down, keep going, you can do this!!
  12. Silent excitement. Each exam done or coursework handed in is another tick on the list (or scribble on the timetable). The end is near!
  13. Actual excitement. Finally, you can put your pen down and breathe that huge sigh of relief - before running back to pre's (or your bed)!

We all know the saying...Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

So, whichever stage you're at, keep going, and remember, it'll all be over soon (and it'll be worth it- obviously...)


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